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Local Man Fights off Robbers in Long Beach

The city of Long Beach is known for its gangsters as well as the city’s beautiful landscape and is city that most tourists try to visit. However, the citizens of this city understand the risks as well as the benefits of living in Long Beach. Earlier this week, a local business man was at his liquor store when three masked men entered the store with weapons. The victim did not panic and complied with all of the attackers demands. After the three men took everything they wanted, one of the men went behind the register yelling at the victim to get down on his knees. The liquor store owner did not listen and instead grabbed a bat hidden behind the table and beat the man threatening him with the gun. The owner then realized that the attackers did not have loaded weapons and chased the other two out of his store. When the police arrived, they arrested the one suspect that tried to attack the victim and are still searching for the other two suspects involved in the robbery. If you have any information regarding the robbery, please contact the Long Beach Police Department immediately.

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